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Buy Nanny Spy Cameras Online

If you’re serious about a nanny spy camera to provide an extra measure of security around your home or office, nothing is more effective than the newest versions of the so called nanny cams. Once only in the domain of private investigators, government spy agencies, or large security firms, new technologies have made nannycams affordable and more effective than ever. These small spycams got their name from a few high profile legal cases when abusive child care workers were caught and brought to justice as the result of hidden camera video surveillance. It’s easy to act upon or even prosecute misbehavior with video evidence in hand.

It’s every working parent’s worst fear: the person that they’ve entrusted their children with turn out to be negligent, abusive, or mentally incompetent. Even with good references and excellent interview skills, babysitters and domestic help have been known to have dual personalities or behave quite differently away from their employers. Most parents are wise to remain vigilant with caregivers left to watch over their babies. Beyond the worst nightmare of child abuse, nanny cams have also caught child care workers in the acts of theft and other petty crime. Rummaging through personal belongings, having friends over in your home, or simply being inattentive to their charges, nannycams can remain on watch when you can’t be there.

First generations of nannycams were often clumsy affairs, small home cameras and video recorders hiding in furniture and behind books or toys.  Now available are a variety of quality, minature cameras built into everyday objects that can be placed unobtrusively anywhere in the house.

Recon Extreme Color Hidden Camera ClockProbably the best unit that we’ve seen, and one with a large array of options to fit your exact needs is the alarm clock nannycam. This unit not only appears to be a normal, working clock, it actually has a built in DVR to record footage of activity in your home or office! It is motion activated, so you will not end up with hours of video of an empty room, but when people are present, you will have a crystal clear view of what was going on while you were away. This particular B&W Hi-Definition clock spycam will automatically switch to nightvision when the room light drops below a certain level, so you can see if the baby is put down for a nap, or the room lights are turned off at night. (And what a device to leave in the bedroom room if a spouse is suspected of cheating! Or perhaps in a dim supply closet or warehouse to catch employee theft at work!)

One of the huge advantages is that it can be wired up to a standard TV connection to view, or the small, standard sized SD recording card (and card reader that comes with it) can be hooked up to almost any computer to view the footage.  This small chip will record hours of video, and can be upgraded to a large chip to record virtually days of footage.

The impossible-to-detect camera inside the clock is not some shabby toy camera, but a Hi-Def Sony CCD camera. It can be set to record either by motion detection, or on a schedule that you program in.

If you do not anticipate a need for that nightvision feature, this same spycam style is tricked out in a couple other useful configurations.

Probably the most useful and versatile of all the configurations is a
WiFi version of the clockcam
. Imagine being able to monitor the activity going on in your house in real time over any internet connection!  With a little bit of computer networking knowledge, you can set this wireless color camera to watch your babysitter, an elderly relative, or your valuable property. Imagine checking up on the house in real time while sitting in your office, during a long uninterruptible meeting in the boardroom, or even while on vacation halfway around the world!

Internet Ready iSpy Hidden Camera ClockA simpler wireless version is also available. The clockcam can be placed in the baby’s room, and it will transmit a real time picture to a receiver which can be hooked up to any normal television or monitor. If you need to watch the kids in the play room, monitor the baby in the nursery, or even keep an eye on the garage/loading dock on the other side of the building, then this is a perfect solution.  While you’re in your office or boardroom, you can watch the front door or outer office without making guests feel spied on.   It’s mobility is a great advantage, one day it is a security camera at the office, and the next you might need it to help you keep an eye on a bedridden child or elderly parent while you are busy in another room.  You can even hook the receiver up to an option digital video recorder (DVR) or any VCR or recording device you have.

In an even simpler configuration, the alarm clock nannycam can be had in a wired version. If you just want to run a standard RCA type cable from the camera to a monitor or recorder, this is the answer. It makes for a great waiting room camera, front door monitor, or wherever you have a need for a permanent view that is outside your direct field of vision.

We’ve found that the best resource to find a great nannycam for your specific application is BrickHouse Security.  Right now, for orders over $99 you can get free ground shipping if you enter coupon coupon code Counterspy707.  Protect your family from potential harm.  Don’t leave the welfare of your child in a stranger’s hands. And if anything unthinkable should occur, even petty thievery or lousy work habits, you will have the concrete evidence to fire and probably convict some pretty bad characters.

Video Examples of Nanny Spy Cameras

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